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List to identify the beast - Anti-Christ 27th Jul 2017

Characteristics of the beast (Anti-Christ) Dan 2, 7, 11 & Rev 13; 16, 17                               

Jesus before he left his disciples warned them about false Christs and false prophets (Mt 24:24) in later days. Although there have been many false Christs (Anti-Christs) and false prophets throughout history, it is important to know the signs or marks of the main anti-Christ in these last days. Remember the purpose of Anti-Christ is seeking to be in the place of Christ – an attempt to imitate things Jesus did for people and to be treated, received, and worshipped by people as Jesus Christ but is not Christ. Thanks God the Bible had given a lot of tips to figure that out in any generation.  Notice that just two or three points do not make anyone the anti-Christ toward the time of trouble mentioned by Prophet Daniel (Dan 12). Satan ultimately is the anti-Christ but he uses people to deceive people. The real Anti-Christ shall have fulfilled all but not limited to the following criteria in the scriptures.

If the Anti-Christs were present in Apostle John’s time (1 Jn 2:18), then we surely have the anti-Christ (s) now. Using many tips above, can you know by now who is the anti-Christ (s) in our world today? If not, read your Bible some more and scan the religious and political landscape of our world today. Thanks God we have some things that Anti-Christ will not manage to fake Christ. Unlike what many people think, Satan or his forces are not free to do whatever and whenever they like. He is highly restricted and since his interest is in doing harm to God’s creation, he can’t do a thing without getting permission from the owner of this universe first. Satan can’t attack, make you sin, or own you in anyway without your approval. However strong he or his thousands of angels are, his crew live secret lives in a cornered world of violence and fear- knowing what await them! From the days of Adam and Eve, he had been in hiding, not allowed to appear physically to people. That’s why he uses people to deceive other people for him. With many weak links, Satan therefore:


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What is Faith? Angelo Achuil 18th Jul 2017

What is faith? The scripture says: "Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen." (Heb 11:1) but what does that means and why is faith important? Well, it simply means that confidence you have in things that are not yet is all faith is about. And of all known animals, a human being is the most intelligent and with that comes the constant need for improvement- better future life than is now. No monkey, parrot or dolphine however intelligent they could be are bothered by the prospects of life beyond this planet, life after death or judgement day. But just like the virtue of love, it is hard to proof faith because it is not seen for "Faith is a knowledge within the heart, beyond the reach of proof" said Gibran. Like the unseen air, faith is imperative because we know it is inside us and does compel us to use what is seen and known in this life to see the unseen and know the unknown beyond this life. Down the ages, however faith had been used for both good and evil but you and I know that the abuse of the tool doesn't make the tool bad. When faith fails (can't see beyond today), life becomes meaningless and people becomes defeated by the least of troubles but "We are twice armed when we fight with faith" and "We are never defeated unless we give up on God" said Plato and Reagan respectively. Faith as we know it is humanity's only hope to fullness of life once again. 

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Husband & wife: The most intimate relationship we know between humans! 18th Jul 2017

Need strengthening your relationship with your wife/husband? Try Love Dare: Also available in pdf: I am trying these godly ideas with my wife and is fruitful. Just like a garden, every relationship needs attended if it is to grow well.

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