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Disclaimer - Warning! 11th Mar 2021

Buying and selling involve taking risks. Say a word (SW) will not accept any blame or responsibility for disputes arising from disagreement or scams around buy and sale.

Our job as a web-based broker is to connect those with expressed interest to buy or sell commodities or services in South Sudan and beyond and it is at buyer and seller discretion to prove and confirm the authenticity of any potential buyer/seller before making any decision.

If anything sounds too good to be true, then it might possibly be. But if still interested, each must test it out first before making an irreversible decision. Know from the outset that buying/selling is ultimately an individual decision and all consequences arising from it; thus the need to be careful all along the way.

Always ask for a receipt and if needed, get an affidavit (statement) from the local lawyer confirming that the sale is safe and true. As it is better to be on the safe side, SW urges all its clients to follow the correct procedure specified here and not bypass nuts and bolts of one's safety.  

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Selling something? Fill in these details 11th Mar 2021

1. Item name

2. Item Details (New/old, specifics)

3. Photo (2 pc - Front and back)

4. Location - address

5. Verification - name and telephone

6. Contacts (with Agent)

7. Closing deal (Receipt/affidavit and signatures)

* Commission - Connecting contacts $1

* Commission - $3% of sale total cost 

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Sayaword.net is a buying and selling web-based broker in South Sudan. 18th Jul 2017

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